We are deploying user application with IDM 3.0.1. After clicking ¡°Forgot
Password¡± link on login page, we got to Forgotten Password page. Then we
were asked to give username, say, testuser. Here, we used resetting
password on password policy, so answered the challenge response, input
new password and then got to the end: ¡°Complete: Password change
succeeded.¡± On this end page, it returned ¡°Username:
cn=testuser,ou=users,o=company¡± and below there is a link ¡°Return to
Is there any way to customize this end page to change returned username,
say just CN instead of the whole DN? And we also want ¡°Return to Login¡±
to link to some other web link we have. If yes, please tell me how to do
Thank you!