I am using IDM 3.01 and the User Application.

I had a problem with an existing installation of the User App in that
when I tried to deploy any changes to the Driver from within IDM Designer
I got the following error:

"File doesn't exist for DAL entity user"
"Could not deploy object
user.EntityDefs.DirectoryModel.AppConfig.UserAppli cation.IDMDriverSet.Reso

The Designer version is 2.0.0 M4 Build id: 20060905

I then created a new User Appp Driver but I have exactly the same problem.

The process I went through is as follows:

1. Create a new User Application Driver using iManager
2. Start the Driver and confirm that the UA can be accessed
3. In Designer import the UA driver that I just created in my existing
4. Make relevant amendments to the DAL, e.g. determine which user
attributes to display, etc
5. Try to deploy the changes using Designer
6. Above error is produced

Any ideas?