Hi there. I saw aposting about limited branding customization and I am
looking for more clarification. I rember the DAC in exteNd and I see that
there is a watered down version of this in the Portlet Admin section of
the User Application. For example, when I try to edit the HeaderPortlet
preferences, there is no place for me to edit the HTML. I can't even
change its propoerties from the Layout Selector!

So, I am trying to accomplish two things:

1) Edit the header portlet so that I put a hyperlink on my corporate logo.
I tried to look in the /portal-style/HeaderPortlet_HTML.xsl and can't find
the place where I can add the hyperlink.

2) Edit the login and logout portlets to move around the "Forgot
Password?" link, etc. In short, I want to change the layout of this

How do I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.