This is a case of either poor documentation or me missing something in the
documentation. In short, the documentation enabling SSL using a third
party cert says only, "If you are using a certificate from a well-known
issuer, no special configuration steps should be necessary. But if you
intend to create and use a self-signed certificate, you will need to do
these steps:", then the steps are listed.

Refering to the steps for the self-signed certificate, you create a
jboss.jks file and you have to input a password in two different places
then copy that file to a conf directory which again is vague in which conf
directory it needs to be in. (And, the documentation fails to mention
anything about modifying the SERVER.XML with the cert name and password,
only to uncomment the section for SSL--easy enough to figure out, but
would be nice if the documentation was complete.)

At any rate, my question is this: Given the steps of putting in passwords
for the self signed certificate, what steps need to be taken to use a
third party certificate, specifically one from Verisign?

Do I simply generate a CSR as normal, then copy the file returned to the
conf directory? What about the password required in the SERVER.XML?

Thanks in advance for any help here!!!!!!