In the Portal a search for all users (Last Name = *) did not show any entry.

I checked all permissions, Portal settings and the baseContextes using They had been set up correctly. Using a LDAP-browser all
users showed up correctly, so I had to find out, what the userApp is doing.

In the logging configuration I set "com.novell.srvprv.impl.vdata" to
"TRACE", this shows the LDAP-searchFilter in the server.log.

So I could see, that "(mobile=0*) always was added to the filter,
nevertheless of my search criteria.

I inspected my Directory Abstraction Layer and have found an activated
LDAP-Filter set on the attribute "mobile". Seems it got there by accident.

After I did remove the filter, updated my ID-Vault and flushed the cache
on the userApp, the list does work correctly again.

What I have learnt and want to share is:
- Use the logging features to find out what is going wrong
- "com.novell.sprvprv.impl.vdata" shows info about LDAP searches
- Check the DAL if results do not show as expected


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