Hello all,

I would like to execute a vbscript on the windows2k3 AD server post the
user creation. My IDM is running on SLES. I have password sync and remote
loader installed on AD server.

I found the following link to do the same.

I cannot understand where to integrate this in my existing AD driver.

My existing AD driver structure is as follows

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <driver-configuration dn="SARMDEVAD-DEV.RSDev_DriverSet.services" driver-
set-dn="RSDev_DriverSet.services" name="SARMDEVAD-DEV">
- <attributes>
+ <application-schema>
+ <configuration-manifest>
+ <global-config-values>
+ <driver-filter-xml>
+ <driver-image>
<input-transform dn="InputTransform.SARMDEVAD-
DEV.RSDev_DriverSet.services" />
value="com.novell.nds.dirxml.remote.driver.DriverS himImpl" />
<mapping-rule dn="SchemaMapping.SARMDEVAD-
DEV.RSDev_DriverSet.services" />
<output-transform dn="OutputTransform.SARMDEVAD-
DEV.RSDev_DriverSet.services" />
<driver-start-option value="2" />
<driver-cache-limit value="0" />
<shim-auth-id value="SARMDEV/bharsh" />
<shim-auth-server value="REMOTE(hostname= port=8090)" />
+ <shim-config-info-xml>
<driver-password-query />
<shim-auth-password-query />
- <children>
+ <publisher name="Publisher">
+ <subscriber name="Subscriber">
+ <rule name="InputTransform" next-transform="Password(Pub)-Sub Email
+ <rule name="OutputTransform" next-transform="Password(Sub)-Pub Email
+ <rule name="Password(Pub)-Sub Email Notifications">
+ <rule name="Password(Sub)-Pub Email Notifications">
+ <rule name="SchemaMapping">
+ <entitlement-definition name="UserAccount">
+ <global-config-values>

How do I integrate the above link code with my driver?

Thanks and regards,