Hi All,

I've deployed the User App using HTTP and port 8080, and everything works
beautifully via HTTP.

I have placed a SSL appliance in bettween the clients and the server which
maps port 443 to port 8080, and the IDM welcome page appears fine using

Unfortunately when I click on any links using HTTPS, the web page times out.
I think I am being redirected to http://server:8080/link. I configured the
offloader to perform URL re-writing (write http://server or
http://server:8080 to https://server), now clicking on any of the links

The issue is IE keeps poping up (depending on security settings), you might
be being re-directed to an unsecure site, do you want to continue.

Is there any way to configure the URL redirection in the IDM web
application? (If not I'll have to remove the ssl appliance, and setup HTTPS
on the IDM Webapp.)