Hey all,

We have IDM 2 installed and so we have NMAS enabled. As our remote
solution we have Citrix via RSA Tokens. We have an issue with Citrix not
letting users in if their password expire...and the trouble is if Helpdesk
isnt open the users have no ability to change their password. As I
understand it, as part of the Citrix Integration with Novell, we should
disable NMAS (on the Citrix Server), but I though that was the underlying
way of getting forgotten passwords reset via the Novell Client..? ie not
having to login to go to PassPhrase. We actually do have NMAS enabled on
the Citrix Servers but the problem we get is users dont get the "Grace
Login" error message so the passwords just expire without warning...

Anyone have any ideas...?

Thanks y'all for your help...