We are able to control access to a wide array of our Web-Based
applications based upon E-Dir membership.

What I would love to be able to do is to present a list of Each website
a user could access that is updated as that user is add/removed from
groups or OUs.

Basically if you could envision the "Org Chart" being gone when a normal
user logs in and a List of BookMarks/Shortcuts being placed there that
are customized to the precise list of Sites the user can get to.

I realize I would probably need to code each site in some manner.

I have only just gotten the UserApp installed and running so I'm just
getting started. However, I want to make sure this would be possible by
somebody with limited Web Programming skills.

1) So It's possible right :>>

2) How would I start? If you could give me a basic overview how you
would do this, hopefully I would know were to focus my limited mental