I have exported from User App and imported into another instance. The
portlets changed were the Header, Detail and Search portlets.

The Header portlet preferences were changed to hide the Requests and
Approvals tab. When I log in as a user, that tab is still there. When
I look at the portlet preferences, it says "hide". I have tried setting
it back to "show" and then reversing it again but this setting still
will not take affect.

The Detail and Search portlets are pointing to a custom DAL entity.
Although the portlet preferences came over during the import correctly,
I can't get the portal to accept these changes. The Search is still
using the default entities and the Detail errors saying that my custom
entity is not defined in the portlet.

I have cleared cache, restarted User App, restarted eDir & User App and
restarted the box. No matter what I do, the setttings in the portlets
are correct but User App continues to use the original settings...

Thanks in advance!!