Just thought I would share in case anyone else has a similar problem.

I have a eDir VAULT using IDM 3.0 running on OES SP2 (SUSE Edition)
eDir Version = 8.7.3.x

I tried to install the USERapp on the Same server using the default install.

This includes running JBOSS and MySQL on the Vault server.

During the INSTALL the MySQL would fail trying to run resolveip (I think
that is the name)

Anyhow I found this TID

As per the tid
Disable the NSCD service from run level editor.
Reboot server to clear cache (there maybe another way but I am new to linux)
Let the MySQL install complete
Install the WebAPP and Install the JBOSS and Tomcat (The other two tick
Complete Install
Undisable NSCD and start service

Job done.

I did do one other thing but it did not appear to help and that was I
changed my hostname to localhost. you can use the hostname command to
do this. (This was done before the install)

I hope this helps someone else, as it happened on both the test and
production environment.