I have recently gotten the UserApp up and running and have been working my way
through the menus and exploring to see what I can do with it. Two things I have
not been able to figure out so far:

1) I want to allow anonymous access (Guest) to the directory search page. I
figured out how to add it to the Guest page, but I can't get it to show up
there. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but can't find it.

2) If a user hits the Guest page, then follows the Login link to log in, after
they log out, how do I get the browser to bring them back to the Guest page?
Right now, log out returns to the log in page.

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu

I'm tired of receiving rubbish in my mailbox, so the E-mail address is
munged to foil the junkmail bots. Humans will figure it out on their own.