Hi I am considering upgrading from IDM2 to IDM3.

The account sync, policies appear to all work correctly after
installing iManager 2.6 and the IDM3 (Identity Vault) bits. However
I have two questions ...

1) If you don't use the "Provisioning Module", which is an additional
purchase, is there much point in upgrading? Are there any features
not related to the "Provisioning Module" that make the upgrade
worth the effort?

2) The "User Application" is not working for me: I am not able to log
into it. Mysql is running as is Jboss, and the User Application driver
in the Identity Vault is running but it will not let me log in even as
admin. It throws a number of errors in the Jboss logs but the first of
them appears to be ....

ERROR [com.novell.srvprv.impl.vdata.definition.VirtualDat aDefinition]
Error reading/searching for abstract layer definition in LDAP server,
check to the following query parameters and verify it matches what is in
your LDAP directory:
filter(&(ObjectClass=srvprvDirectoryModelConfig)(X MLData=*)), inc
container cn=blah.

- The object class does exist in the schema.
- The container (cn=DirectoryModel,cn=AppConfig, etc) exists
- The container contains the following objects ...
EntityDefs (container)
Relationshipdefs (container)
ChoiceDefs (container)

I have rerun the install multiple times and don't know how to proceed.
Anyone have any ideas?