Hi Jürgen,

I've never seen this problem. How did you create the two user entities?
Using the 'Add Entity' dialog or the 'New Entity-Attributes' wizard?

Is 'User' displayed for the second entity (in the Class name field)?

The Directory Abstraction Layer editor (DALE) is not part of the nightly
builds of Designer. But you can get the latest version of the editor by
downloading the 2.0 M1 build (although the DALE hasn't changed much)

Karin Lundberg
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Juergen.Bernhard@lhsystems.com wrote:
> I tried to create 2 entities with Designer 1, using the provisioning plug
> in and abstraction layer. My aim was to create 2 "user views". For the
> first entity I could assign the attributes I wanted from the user class and
> an additional aux class. But for the second entity I could not assign user
> attributes (no one showed up), but the aux attributes were available.
> I wanted to test this with the newest build of Designer (20060223) but did
> not find the plugin.
> Does anyone have a tip?
> Regards
> Jürgen