A couple questions.

1) I recently discovered that nps has been removed from iManager 2.5+. I
have Universal Password and a Challenge Set all setup . . . how does this
benefit me if there is no Password Self-Service Reset in iManager? I
suspect that these features were removed from iManager because you want
people to use the User Application in IDM3. Is that correct, or are these
things unrelated? I'm waiting to attend IDM3 training and I'm not sure how
all these pieces fit together now.

2) A client wants to have an account creation page similar to what the
extend portal has, where users can supply information and create their own
eDirectory account. This client would also like to force the user to take
the Challenge Set quiz immediately upon account creation, because they
might never have to login to the Self-Service page again. Can you give me
some advice on whether or not this is possible in the User App, and where
you might head with this request?