Well this is probably a really basic task, but I have never coded in XML
before and I was handed this and need to figure it out. I think I have
it, but need to check my work. so I have a driver that was written ages
ago in the old DirXML 1.1 days. We need to make a minor modification to
an argument section to add a condition on the second action of an if
clause. The first part is to set a variable. That seems really straight
forward. We have a section that sets a number of variables. So I would
just add this:

<do-set-local-variable name="vIAPortalUID" scope="policy">
<token-dest-attr class-name="FicOrgPerson"

And that will give me the variable vIAPortalUID with whatever is in the
attribute for the user. If there is nothing there then I can check for
that. Now below that I have a section that has the actions. It starts
with a <do-if> and then has something with <arg-conditions> inside it.
Then there are two sections below that encased in <arg-actions> ....
</arg-actions> one after the other. It looks like it is treated as a do
if x is true else do this type of construct. If I put another
<arg-conditions> .... </arg-conditions> just before the second
<arg-actions> would the system treat it more like a do if xxx else if
xxx and then complete the rest of the script? Do I need to have like a
null <arg-actions> at the end to complete the process?

Example of actions section

<if-local-variable mode="nocase" name="vVariableName"

<do-send-email-from-template xxxxxxxx>
<arg-string xxxx>
******** insert a new <arg-conditions here>


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