I try to figure out a simple operation.

I need to configure a simple MAD connector and let synchronise AD
password only if the AD user is member of a specific AD Group.
I would like to do this without sync of the group itself and without
using Entiltlement.

I tried to look a rule in the Event transform publisher to check if the
"source attribute" -"MemberOf"- contain my group name but that give me
error because the user is not associate... That's seem to be normal
since is not already create in the eDir because that's the purpose of
the operation. *(if member of this AD group "source attribute" then
create the user, if not VETO)*.

I try the assign a Query to a local variable and test the variable with
a regular expression -(.*SyncPWDgrp)- but not really famillar with
"query /answer" type so may be I do mistake when I build it.

Can somebody can give me some hint or a piece of code to do that rule
in my publisher event?



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