homermg;2149784 Wrote:
> Hi all,
> Im really new on novell.
> I have a DirXML Password Synchronization for Windows running in our AD.
> We have host DC and several client DC's for DirXML running.
> Since soome days one of the client DC's showsme an error in the cmd
> "Password Sync is not installed on domain controller" But if I look at
> console passwordfilter the status is "running". Unfortunately tha
> passwords are not synced.
> We have running W8k R2 64bit.
> I found this page: '10083320: DirXML Password Synchronization for
> Windows 1.0 Troubleshooting Guide'
> (http://support.novell.com/docs/Tids/.../10083320.html)
> Unfortunately it is for Windows 2000.
> Can anybody help me with this issue?
> Thanks

FYI I've moved your message into the appropriate forum. Good luck.

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