I am looking for examples on how to deal with multiple associations on a
driver. I have a case I am working on using the SOAP driver to
provision to multiple applications. I'd like to build an association for
each one as that may be the only way to determine if I need to add the
user, or not, to the application. These are all one way provisioning,
subscriber only, so I don't have to deal with publisher associations.

How would you read back the DirXML-Assocation attribute and only get
the driver's values.
What is the best way to get to each individual association value.

Each application will have it's own entitlement, so I am thinking the
code could apply as well to multiple copies of the DirXML-EntitlementRef

I am also looking for a method to find the Driver DN. I thought there
was some method used in the Managed system drivers in 4.0.1.

This is IDM 3.6.1

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