I am running the folllowing.

Windows 2008R2 SP1 Standard edition.64 bit
Domain controller and DNS server
Server were password filter.dll should run

Windows 2003 SP2
Remote loader for Acitve Directory
Member server

Windows 2008R2 SP1 Standard edition.64 bit
IDM version 3.6.1 with AD driver
Member server

If you run the password sync utility from server 2 which have Windows
2003 installed and do a
remote registry installation it shows running after the reboot.

If you want to do the password sync(because you are not allowed to do
remote registry) it does not work.
The classic Control Panel in Windows 2008R2 have also been removed so
you have to use PassSyncConfig.cpl with Admin rights.
It does install but does not run.
Also tried the a batch install file which I found in Cool Solution for
IDM 3.5.0 which I edited an tried. The batch file does run and completes
succesfully. But does not
show installed or running state.

Is there anybody that has doen it before and can assist?

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