I keep getting errors provisioning Exchange 2010 mailboxes. I've
managed to do so successfully on my own VM's but not in the customers
environment. Main difference is that in my VM situation, Exchange 2010
(with management tools and all) is installed on the same box as AD 2008
and the remote loader and the exchange 2010 service while in the
customers environment Exchange 2010 is installed on another box than the
remote-loader with the exchange 2010 service.

Is the exchange 2010 service, given the fact that is has correct
permissions/rights and that the management tools are available on that
server, able to create mailboxes if exchange 2010 is on another server
or do i need 2 AD drivers:
- 1 for the AD account provisioning
- 1 for the exchange mailbox creation

I could not find this information anywhere. Anyone with input ?

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