Hi all,

I have a requirement to sync GroupWise and Exchange contacts across
different domains. We have 3 AD domains and 1 GW domain...

Now I see that the requirements for a contact object in AD is to have
the objectClass = "contact" rather than "user", now I doubt that this
functionality is in the AD driver...

The question I have is, is it possible to use the LDAP driver to create
/ read objects in AD? If I remember correctly, AD is not really 100%
LDAP compliant...

I have already setup a LDAP driver to try read one of the AD's, but I
kept receiving an error that made no sense and looked like a LDAP
timeout, so I tried another AD and the same error...
So I am wondering if there is any customization that is required for
the LDAP driver to work with AD? Does the RL need to be on a windows
machine on the domain like the AD RL?

Thanks in advance!

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