I had a strange behavior with my Role Service Driver and a dynamic
group which has a role attached to it.

Every 60 minutes the driver checks if there are changes in dynamic
groups. (DYNGRP: Checking dynamic and nested groups for membership
changes for groups contained under: Identities)

Suddenly my ndsd and my drivers became unresponsive (100% cpu). I let
it run for 8 straight but the cpu utilisation didn't recover.
An restart fixed temporarily the issue until the Role Service Driver
checked again for dynamic groups.

In the ndstrace I get an *NDS error: insufficient buffer (-649) error*.

The dynamic group in question had over 8720 Members. If I remove some
users from the dynamic group the issue is "resolved".
As a workaround I splitted my dynamic group in 2 dynamic groups...

I don't know if this is an edir issue or an engine issue.
In IManager my dynamic groups get correctly resolved to the users, only
when the Role Service drivers runs his check the system hangs.
With less members the check takes only several seconds.

Is the a limit of users on dynamic groups?
Anyone expirenced similar issues?

Kind Regards,

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