I feel like I should know the answer to this.

My WO comes Due, but I have some double check criteria. I veto in
Pub-Create and the WO To Do is not created, but the shim updates the WO
as DirXML-nwoStatus=configured, which means it will not process again.

I do not want to use DirXML-nwoRepeatInterval, since I want it to keep
repeating until it succeeds. And this adds to the DueDate, and I am not
sure I want to push out the DueDate by a fixed interval yet...

Is there a spot I can veto the WO To Do that will cause the event to
just die and not write back to the Due Work Order?

PS: The WO driver docs are actually WAY better than most drivers! Well
done doc writers! As always I want more, but that is me. Compared to
some of the other drivers the docs are awesome!

Flow charts of process flows, a list of attrs for the objects it uses, a
description of the default rules? This is what I want in every driver!
(And more and more and more!!)