I have users that change their passwords in AD (through the workstation
ctrl+alt+delete menu), and for some reason, the password is getting
expired when it is set in eDirectory, and set to the standard
administrative 1992 date we all know and love (or hate?). Why would the
password be getting expired, and why to this date? The users are NOT
setting the 'user must change password at next login', and I certainly
don't use the 1992 date in my driver.

I know that before password policies, the 1992 date was used as the
expiration date during an administrative password reset, but IDM is
aware of password policies, and should either have the password expired
(to a non 1992 date), or to the future time, specified in the policy -
365 days in the future in my case.

Can any one comment on this? The help desk at my customer is getting
slammed because of this, and I'd like to get them a resolution as soon
as possible.


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