I have a project I am working on, where I have an entitlement in use.

It turns out that it would be really helpful if there was a driver set
level entitlement.

A current real limitation of an entitlement is that it is limited to a
single driver.

Thus I grant the entitlement in a Loopback driver. (Which is
functionally what the RBE driver does, just it is different shim code
doing some of the work). But I grant it in the context of Driver #2.

I then use it in driver #2, where I get to use the Entitlement tokens

But now I want to look for it changing in driver #3. Now I have to
rebuild the if entitlement, Removed Entitlement, Added entitlement
tokens in Policy to use it in that third context.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a driver set level Entitlement, and
thus any driver could just use the regular entitlement tokens and
consider it locally?

I understand it lightly changes the use case, but I think it is an
interesting extension, for the case of say an entitlement that says you
even belong in the directory.

I.e. Your source data feeds pump data in as it comes from HR. But the
person may not be a real user who can do stuff, till some minimal level
of info shows up. (PRehire, recruiting, etc).

I would like an entitlement to demonstrate that base level for all
drivers in the system.

I will enter an RMS, but I am wondering if I am thinking about this

(I do not wish to have all my entitlement criteria include the 'user
belongs' criteria, since it is quite complex, and beyond the abilities
of the RBE driver to implement).