Hi all,

I am trying to match users between 2 directories...

One eDir1 users are named with their workforceID e.g. CN= 1234567890
On the other directory, they are named with a combination of their
first name and last name e.g. cn=GroblerB

There is no exact way at the moment to match the users across the two
trees, so on eDir2 the admins are busy populating the workforceID for
the relavant users by adding a CN, so now a user will have 2 CN's on
eDir2 and 1 on eDir1
eDir1: CN=1234567890
eDir2: CN=GroblerB; CN= 1234567890

I have created a matching rule that will match on CN and Surname (just
to be 100% sure), problem is, it seems that this rule is trying to match
both CN values rather than just 1.

How can I change this so that if there is 1 CN match, the association
will be made?

This is my rule:
<do-find-matching-object scope="subtree">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">vault\people\active</token-text>
<arg-match-attr name="Surname"/>
<arg-match-attr name="CN"/>

Craig Cikara

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