Aplogies if this has been covered before, but I have been trying to find
the right direction to go with this requirement.

We are running an AD driver which is syncing attributes between eDir
and AD.
We have implemented the User Application, which the users will be using
to modify certain fields directly.

the requirement we have is that when the user changes their "assistant"
field, that a driver rule then queries eDirectory for the assistant
object, copies the telephone attribute from there and writes that value
back to the original user's "assistantphone" attribute.

The only option we've thought of so far is to have the AD driver set an
attribute on the user object and a loopback driver to periodically scan
the vault for this and then action the querying of the assistant user
and copying of the telephone number.

I think this approach should work, but creating the driver rules for
this is proving difficult.

Is anyone able to assist or point me towards documentation regarding
the querying of eDirectory, copying the attribute needed and then
writing this back to the user object?

Thanks in advance

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