Hi all,

The client requires that users that do not have a profile picture
available in a certain folder should then be given a default picture
that will tell the user to get their photo taken by HR.

All pictures are in a folder that I have mounted on the IDM server.

I build the file location URL as follows file:///var/userphoto/ + "CN"
+ .jpg
I then send this to a rule that encodes the jpg to base64 and then sets
the user's photo attribute.

and this works fine when the photo is present.

I want to do a rule that will check if the path is valid... if it is,
happy days, if not, set the path of the photo to a default photo i.e.

One cannot set the initial default photo from within the UserApp, so by
setting the user photo attribute is the only solution I can find.

So is there a way to check that a path / file / URL exists?

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