Hi and thank you for taking the time to look at this with me.

Here's my design:
I would like to search my remote Tree (TRINITY) either by
LDAP/eDirectory (somehow) to veto account creation from the JDBC
connected system (Informix View) if the account already exists. At this
time, I have limited the scope on my eDir TRINITY driver to a smaller
OU. The issue here is that there are many accounts under another OU,
still o=trinity, that I don't want managed by IdM/created in my vaults.
So the scope of my remote eDir driver is narrowed to only those under,
in this case, ou=idm,o=trinity. I am thinking the best way to do this
would be, if possible, to have the JDBC driver query o=trinity for a CN
match and veto if found. However, I don't know if this can be done, if
so how, or whether there is a better way to do it.

Thanks again,


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