Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1 ( Trial version)
Window Server 2008 R2
Novell eDirectory 8.8x..


We suddenly experienced that our new Identity Manager 4.0.1
installations (trial) on all three servers suddenly stopped. The
following were the symptoms on all the three servers:

1. rt.jar var missing from the novell\jre directory
2. all the core dirxml_*.jars were missing from the nvoell\nds\lib
3. eDirectory instances were down.
4. while starting eDirectory , the eDirectory service came up and
went down afterwards.
5. started eDirectory without dirxml.dlm and worked.

Did a trace in the startup of the dirxml.dlm, and could see that jvm
were having the problems, and obviously because of rt.jar files.

I did a new idm(stand-alone-install) on all the three servers, and now
everything working fine.

But I really do not understand what actually happend on all these three
new servers?.. The servers had the anti-virus software, and it didn't
report any thing like that on the servers.

Is there any place for logs on the servers where I could find the
reason ? or anyone else which had the same experience??


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