I've been investigating a problem around the following scenario :

Solaris 8.0
NOTESSRV01 running an application called People Directory
IDM 3.6.1a Lotus Notes Remote Loader
mypeople-ndsrep.nsf (NDSREP For Application)
People Directory (Notes Application) Master Replica

People Directory on 3 other Lotus Notes Servers as Replica's

Windows Server 2003 SP 2
IDM 3.6.1a with Lotus Notes Driver
Meta (Main ID Vault)

*** PROBLEM ***
When a user updates his/her People Document (contact information) in
the People Directory, this change is than pushed through to the Driver
to Meta and than onto connected systems.

I performed a test of 10 people, whereby each person would update
his/her cellphone number. I found some events like this :

[08/15/11 14:25:44.471]:PEOPLE :Remote Interface Driver: Received.
[08/15/11 14:25:44.471]:PEOPLE :
<nds dtdversion="2.0" ndsversion="8.x">
<product build="20070918_0802 " instance="PeopleDirectory-DOJ"
version="3.5.1">Identity Manager Driver for Lotus Notes</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<modify class-name="Person"
event-id="4E2447016EBEA5ECCA2578CD002452BB - 1313382344235"
src-dn="\DOJ\Person\Ahmed Intesar">
state="associated">4E2447016EBEA5ECCA2578CD002452B B</association>
*Missing the update of records because no values are changed*
[08/15/11 14:25:44.471]:PEOPLE :Remote Interface Driver: Received
document for publisher channel
[08/15/11 14:25:44.487]:PEOPLE :Remote Interface Driver: Waiting for
[08/15/11 14:25:44.487]:PEOPLE PT:Receiving DOM document from

As you can see above, no records where passed to the driver and
therefor no updates where done in the IDVault. I than stopped the People
Driver and performed the testing again. This time i saw the following in
teh NDSREP Database for People Directory : 'Imagebin - A place to slap
up your images.' (http://imagebin.org/169035)

For some reason, the NDSREP database is MISSING the values for the

Also, the empty entry in NDSREP below the current "Mobile Number is
missing!!! is a duplicate entry for the very first record. Why would
NDSREP have two entries (events) registered for a single update to the
telephone number on a document????

Why would this happen?

Darryn van Tonder
Identity and Security Consultant
Novell Platinum Partner
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