Apologies for the duplicate thread... Initially I added this thread
under the UserApp forum, but realise now that that was not the correct

So here is the question:


My current IDM 3.6.1 (UserApp 3.7) implementation is on 2 trees.

1st being the production tree that has existed forever, 2nd being the
IDM tree (IDVault).

Each tree has a password policy, and they match, except forgotten
password is not enabled on the production tree, only the IDVault...

The UserApp driver is attached to the IDVault and users log into the
network through the production tree using the Novell client.

I understand that there is no way to sync the challenge response
questions and answers between the trees right?

What I want to know is how forgotten password works when users use the
Novell Client and click on the "Forgotten Password" link if forgotten
password is not enabled on the production tree? With the CLE the link
will forward users to the UserApp, but that is different with the Novell
Client right??

What is the solution that there is 1 source for "forgotten password"
and challenge response?

Craig Cikara

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