I am not familiar with IDM but its my job now.
Could you give me any advise, pls?

IDM4.0.1 is running on OES2 SP2 + SLES10SP3 (32bit) and one of Windows
Domain Controller is running Identity Manager Remote Loader Console, and
user account sync from eDir to AD is working fine. Anyway, Windows
Domain Controller is W2K8R2 server.
This was setup by another person, and its been running fine.

My question is how I can force password from eDir to AD?

User accounts can be sync as soon as any attribute is modified on eDir,
such as Last Name; however, password does not sync unless password is
changed on eDir.
How can I force password from eDir to AD without updating password on

I was looking around IDM console on iManager for a few hours but its
not easy to make this work for me as I am not familiar with IDM.

I know this is big complicated product and not easy to modify it as it
can kill both directory when I do wrong.

Thank you!

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