IDM 3.6.1
RBPM 3.7 Patch D

Does anyone know the status of whether the following issues will be
fixed with an upcoming patch to RBPM?

1. modifyResource Web Service does not update all attributes when
called. For example, when wanting to update the Description and the
Category of the Resource, only the Category is updated. Description is
2. createResurce Web service does not set the <key> value correctly in
nrfResourceParms attribute
3. createResurce Web service does not set the code-map-key when the
service is called

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could let me know if the above
issues are being fixed in an upcoming patch, as I am awaiting these for
a project I am working on. The automation of the creation of a Resource
(and the modification) is unusable at the minute.

Thanks, Keith

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