I am currently using an IDM 3.5.1 Vault server, I have three functioning Drivers, Active Directory, LDAP, and GroupWise. The account provisioning cycle has accounts created in an External system pulled by the LDAP driver into the Vault, and placed according to role (ie. Faculty, Staff, Student). Students are separated and placed into their own OU and eDirectory Partition. The GroupWise Driver Monitors the Student OU, and Places them into one of 4 Post Offices based on Last Name. The Active Directory Driver ignores the Student Container, and synchronizes all Faculty and Staff accounts to Active Directory.

Account creation has gone fairly smoothly. However, Account clean-up is severely lacking. We are preparing to start bringing the Student accounts into Active Directory so they can be provisioned into live@edu. However, before opening the floodgates on the AD Driver, I would like to perform some housekeeping by eliminating inactive accounts. My plan is to identify all accounts in the Student OU inactive for 2 years, and move them to an Inactive Accounts OU, where they will sit disabled and ignored by the AD Driver.

The Active accounts will remain in their original OU, and get minor attribute modifications like changing the domain portion of the mail attribute for the new live@edu domain, and their GroupWise Address book visibility to None. I will ultimately, create an External Foreign Domain for GroupWise to maintain the new (hosted) e-mail addresses (but I just need to get started...)

I've been reading through the documentation and posts that I can find, and I'm having a very hard time figuring out what would be best for this Housekeeping purpose. The LoopBack, Null, or WorkOrder driver. Beyond selecting the best driver, all of these seem to be basic empty drivers, and I don't deal with this stuff enough to be able to build it from scratch. So if I could get some suggestions on where to find some templates, or sample drivers, it would be greatly appreciated.

Another caveat is that My deadline is fast approaching (actually it's passed) and it would take too much time to rebuild my Test environment, so I need to work within a Test OU, before I can let it go on the entire tree.

Thank You for any suggestions or assistance you can provide.