I have a driver health job running to provide email/text alerts in the
event of excessive .tao file sizes, etc. Recently we moved (physically)
one of the servers that act as a driver host, and the drivers running on
that server were suddenly unable to be read by the driver health job.
ndsrepair -E doesn't show any communications issues, and as best I can
determine replication & so forth is operating as expected. All I see in
the driver health job trace is the error shown below. This was all
working fine up until we moved the server earlier today.


Job Intermediate Result -------------------
Job: \MYID-TREE\UGA\services\UGADriverSet\Driver Health
Status: Error
Object: \MYID-TREE\UGA\services\UGADriverSet\Students
Message: Unable to read the driver's statistics.
Driver: '\MYID-TREE\UGA\services\UGADriverSet\Students'
Server: 'UGA\services\idm3'
Error: 'request: -625'

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