I have the following problem:
I have two system connected with eDirectory Driver, the first system
where is installed the tree is a sles10 sp3 32bit Oes sp3 eDirectory 8.8
and IDM 4.0.1; the second system is a Sles11 sp1 with IDM 4.0.1. I have
configured the eDirectory's drivers with Designer and have deployed the
work with Administrative user. I Have created the certificates and
started the driver. Into the eDir's log I have an error:

<status event-id="This check-password result is expected. It is the
result of the shim verifying that the driver object password is
non-empty." level="error">Code(-9046) Invalid password specified for

I have set the same password in both systems. But into iManager in
Sles10 systems seems is not stored.

Do you have any hints?

Matteo Baroni
H4T s.r.l.
8, Viale Mazzini
41058 Vignola (MO)

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