Hi all,

IDM Metadirectory = 4.0.1 SE
AD Driver = 3.5.11
Windows Server 2003 SE SP2

I am seeing the following error when I check my remote loader trace:

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver = \SABS-IDV\sabs\services\Driver Set\Active Directory
Thread = Publisher Channel
Level = success
DirXML: [07/18/11 11:44:56.93]: ADDriver: get object changes - 0x0000
DirXML: [07/18/11 11:44:56.93]: ADDriver: object changes complete
DirXML: [07/18/11 11:45:06.34]: ADDriver: [PWD] - AddDCKey() domain
controller metaframedc.jdeoneworld.net is not in list
DirXML: [07/18/11 11:45:06.35]: ADDriver: [PWD 3840] sPDCName =
DirXML: [07/18/11 11:45:13.82]: ADDriver: [PWD] - AddDCKey() domain
controller SABSPDC.jdeoneworld.net is not in list
DirXML: [07/18/11 11:45:13.82]: ADDriver: [PWD 3836] sPDCName =

BUT!! When I check the password sync utility, I see that metaframedc is
there and that password sync is loaded...
Please see the attached screenshot: 'Capture.PNG - 4shared.com - photo
sharing - download image'

Why am I getting this error?

It seems to interfere with my password synchronisation...

Any help would be great!!

Craig Cikara

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