Hi and thanks a lot for looking at his with me.

Members of Groups are syncing across sides. Oddly enough, all other
attributes and values seem to come across, but no members carryover when
the group is replicated. Interestingly, under the Memberships tab of
the user on the other side, the group is listed as a Membership. This
behavior happens no matter which side membership is created on. The
source user and groups both show membership.

-eDirectory Base 1.0.0 in Designer
-eDir2eDir, novell-DXMLedir-4.0.1-0 on both sides
-eDir v8.8 SP6 on both sides
-The Admin of both sides have full-rights to the Groups and Security
Equivalences are set to each respective Admin.
-Filters are set to Synchronize, except for GUID and I havenít
customized the eDir drivers.

Trace 3 log below:


Exhausted my brain on this one. Any advice you can offer would be
greatly appreciated.



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