Hey folks,

as an IDM-Rookie now I've got an interesting request. The following
should be realised

1. With dtd read an csv-file an create an user-object in eDir. If the
group doesn' yet exists, create it (must be done before the user is
created, right?)
2. With remote loader, push that freshly created user to one dedicated
SLES-Machine (passwd) running DB/2, create, if necessary, the needed
group(s) on SLES

Creating users in the described way without creating groups is no
problem and works fine. But what will be the best approach to check for
and create groups?

Additional informations
- there's no LUM
- The described task is unique for each machine (a lot of).
- Each DB/2 Server will hold mutiple instances.
- Each user and each group is unique on each DB2/2 Instance (and so on
each server)
- Between 10 and 20 DB/Users (instance, fence, application, admin and
so on) per instance are needed.

The goal is to
- centralize user provisioning for DB/2 instances. Could also be done
very fine by telling DB/2 to use LDAP and not the OS, but
- be independent from LDAP/networking components and so on in case of
emergency is the second goal.



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