I'm having an issue with my Delimited Text driver when it comes to
processing accented or diacritic characters. Whenever a field value
contains one of these characters (ˇ, Ú, ˝, etc.), eDirectory vetoes the
transaction due to a syntax violation.

I have tried both XSLT and dirXML script to try and replace these
values, but it seems like IDM cannot detect these values. Or they are
translated upon being parsed by the DT driver since in my trace, they
get unknown assignments or question marks (??) wherever these characters
are detected. Example trace below for 'Benicarlˇ':


<add-attr attr-name="cityName">
<value type="string">Benicarl??, Spain</value>


My question is: How do I substitute these accented characters for their
English alphabet equivalent? Is the only option to do this with a
Delimited Text pre-processor java jar?

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