I have been looking for information or examples of how to setup an IDM
driver for Apple Open Directory. The articles I have found don't give
much detail and pretty much no actual technical content.

I am using the LDAP driver and can connect and create a user on the OD
side. However, the issue I am running into is how to set and
synchronize passwords. Since it appears that the LDAP driver is not
able to set the encrypted password correctly I was going to use dscl to
set the password after the user is created by the driver. Since this
step must occur after the XDS is submitted on the subscriber channel,
can I create a follow-up event to trigger the dscl command or can I use
the status message that comes back on the publisher channel?

It seems like synchronizing eDir to Apple Open Directory with IDM
should not be something new. I am a little surprised that there is not
an existing driver configuration in the Designer palette or at least
some more detailed examples or discussions in the forums.

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