I have recently installed 2 IDM JDBC drivers (named *USERS *and
*ALLOCATIONS*) to sync datas from Oracle 10g views to eDir.
Actually the 2 drivers have the same event log table

The problem is that when a record is added in the event log table the
following query is run : "SELECT * FROM direct.direct_process WHERE
status = 'N' ORDER BY record_id ASC;"
Consequently, when a record is added concerning USERS's datas, the
ALLOCATION's driver can process the record (and vice versa).

I would like filter the polling of the event log table for a driver.

Any help/proposal will be appreciated.

For information : the platform is composed of : SLES 10 SP2 + NIM 3.6.1
+ iManager 2.7.4 + Designer 3.5. + Oracle 10g.

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