I understand what you are talking about and I wish it was that easy.
The attribute is a mulivalued field and could contain values that do not
start with the OP_2 Value, I do not want to strip them out. So a value
comes over from AD and I want to cycle through them and see if 1. They
begin with OP_2, if they do put them in a local variable. 2. If they
do not then cycle them out, do not DELETE them just leave them. 3.
Compare the OP_2 Value with what is in the CardDeviceSNs Node set if any
of them match keep them and delete the others. In the end we want 1
CardDeviceSNs, at this point some users might have several so its kind
of a clean up effort also.

So any thoughts just let me know, I can post up what I have already if
that would help anyone.

Thanks S

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