We have an eDirectory driver (IDM 3.6, so two eDir drivers, really) that
is throwing an error when synchronizing an event, such as
telephoneNumber changing, on an unknown number of accounts. For

[06/06/11 16:02:58.207]:ED2IDV PT:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Channel: Publisher
Object: \IDV\ORG\PEOPLE\WORKFORCE\0000028937
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9063) Object matching policy found an object that is already associated: {0}.

For reference, here is the value of DirXML-Associations for this driver
and the GUID of the object in each directory:


DirXML-Associations: [none for this driver]


DirXML-Associations: [DriverDN]#1#{1112141E-06BF-f041-D5B0-1112141E06BF}
GUID: A9C2F56A-824E-8443-E1AA-A9C2F56A824E

"IDV" is our IDM vault, and "ED" is our eDirectory instance that
applications read from (only).

I know -what -the error means, I'm just trying to figure out how in the
world the associations got screwed up like this. Not only is the
association missing from the "IDV" account, but the GUID shown in the
DirXML-Associations attribute of the "ED" account doesn't match the GUID
of the "IDV" account. I'm guessing that the GUID in DirXML-Associations
probably doesn't match any "ED" account, and that's why the error
message shows "{0}" instead of the DN of an object.

I do know that both accounts are definitely for the same person. We
never create "ED" accounts; we simply let them get created by the
driver. We don't even really update data in "ED".

Now, I know that I can fix this problem by deleting the association on
the account in "ED" (so that there is no association on each account)
and modifying an attribute set to sync in the driver filter, but I'm
looking for ideas on how things may have gotten this way.

This is not the only account with this problem. I believe there are
quite a few, but I'd have to export a bunch of a data from each
environment and compare it to find out.

Worst case scenario, I can probably create an LDIF to delete the
association on every object on both sides and trigger a sync to get them
all associated properly, but boy what a mess...

Any help is greatly appreciated! Can't wait to get to IDM4's single
eDir driver!

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