I have an environment that has 17 AD domain controllers. This
particular customer wants to do password sync from AD to eDir. So I
have the driver setup that way and the password sync filter on all 17
DCs. For the most part, this works great. I can change the password
from any DC and the filter picks up the event and the password syncs,
with ONE exception. The DC where the remote loader is running. No
matter what, I cannot get password change events to be seen from this
particular DC. The filter shows running (as it does on all the other
DCs) and the event log says it is syncing with the domain, but I never
see password events come through from this one DC. It's truly baffling.
I tried upgrading to the latest AD driver patch (3.6.1 engine) that
came out last week, but that made no difference. I'd post a trace, but
even a level 5 trace on the remote loader doesn't show any errors or
issues. I'm really baffled as to what could be happening here. Any



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