::Currently, I have IDM 3.0, engine and edir to edir drivers, on Netware
6.5 edir With a GroupWise remote loader (version 3.5.1) on
OES2sp3, edir 8.8 sp5.::
::Our goal is to migrate to IDM v 4.0.1 on new hardware.::
::If I upgrade the version 3.0 components to 3.5.1 will I then be able
to migrate over to 4.0.1.::
::The 4.0.1 documentation references the drivers must be version 3.6.1
in a few places. However in the “Supported Versions Documentation” a
path from 3.5.1 to 4.0.1 is fine. So I am a bit confused.::
::I would like to avoid having to upgrade to 3.5.1 and then 3.6.1 to
get to 4.0.1.::
::Appreciate your input.::

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