Last night created approx 700 AD groups via "migrate from IDVault", for
some reason I got quite a few of the following errors:

Code(-9010) An exception occurred: novell.jclient.JCException: modifyEntry -670 ERR_INVALID_CONTEXT

Found an old TID that referred to an issue with jclient that shipped
with older eDirectory versions (pre 8.8.1 and - however the
issue is supposed to be fixed (this customer is on 8.8.5/windows)

The trace seems to show that it's related to adding (via direct="true")
DirXML-ApplicationAttrs and a customer specific aux class to the object
class attribute on the object in the IDVault.

Did not run dsrepair prior to the migrate (other threads have suggested
that this can cause the problem)

Was able to stop and start the driver normally afterwards. Did not have
to unload/reload DIRXML.DLM.

Simply resolved the issue via a resync and the correct attributes were
added to the objects in question.

Anyone else experienced anything similar. I can post level three traces
if required (just need to clean out customer specific details first).

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