Using IdM 4.0.1, novell-DXMLGoogleApps-3.5.1-20110314.

After an initial setup, Google Apps driver provisioned a test account
to the root of my domain even though User Placement Settings was set to
Mirror Placement and my test user was buried a few OUs below in my IdM
vault. I looked at my trace and found:

class-name="User" dest-dn="tuser"

It's as if the gcv.NOVLGGLEORGU.googlePlacementOption value, "mirror,"
isn't available and, sure enough, if I disable the condition
<if-global-variable disabled="true" mode="nocase"
op="equal">mirror</if-global-variable> in the
NOVLGGLEORGU-sub-pp_Placement policy, the driver tries to push the user
object to the mirrored OU structure.

The plot thickens, tho. Since this same policy tries to set the
destination DN as the Unmatched Source DN(), which has a leading "\", it
fails since my Unmatched Source DN() is
"\IDMVAULT\vault\users\students\." This makes sense per the
documentation under Common Driver Issues: "User Placement. Do not use a
leading "\" to place users or Organization Units." If I manually
replace the Unmatched Source DN() with "vault\users\students\" it works

When I look closely at the trace as the GA driver loads, I don't see
cv.NOVLGGLEORGU.googlePlacementOption load at all. I see other GCVs,
but not this one.

Since I'm no IdM expert, all this makes me wonder if I'm doing
something wrong.

Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope!

Thanks a lot.


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